Tom and Pilar are lame!

Pilar (my wife) had a mole removed from her left foot on Thursday and so she now has five stitches in her foot and was advised to rest and keep it elevated. No problem, you’d imagine – despite the boisterous three year old and the vocal six week old! Tom can help out.

Well, I did. Except that at 4am on Saturday morning, in the darkness, while rushing to get a bottle for the baby, I stubbed my foot on the end of the bed fracturing one of my toes!

Now both of us are hobbling around the place feeling sorry for ourselves. Thank God our local supermarket does deliveries (driving was not an option!).

6 thoughts on “Tom and Pilar are lame!”

  1. So are you an expert in metatarsels now Tom? Would you like to produce some sort of prayer mat on your blog for us to pray on? (ala the Sun re Beckham in a previous World Cup)

    On a more serious note I hope the pain goes away soon… 🙂

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