Blueface won't let me make outgoing calls

I have an account with Blueface – Blueface is a VOIP provider. For €19.99 per month I am supposed to get 1,000 minutes of calls to over 20 countries. All good, so far. The only issue is that for some bloody reason, at the end of every month my credit is deleted and I can no longer make outgoing calls.

Two problems here, in the first place, I should be able to carry the unused minutes I have paid for over into the next month and second, since I have signed a direct debit form, the money should go out of my account, pay for the next month and there should be no interruption to my service.

Come on guys, get with the program or lose a customer. Fast.


I received the following email from Blueface support:

can you switch off the modem and ATA for 30 secs and then switch them back on and leave them for 5 mins.
if it still doesn’t work thrn let me know.
everything is connected fine and your ATA is registered on our server.

Of course that tells me nothing. I tried turning both the router and ATA off several times today and that didn’t fix it then – why was this time different?

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  1. We’re in all liklihood going to be going with a VoIP system in our new office. My most favoured provider was looking like Blueface, so I’d be very interested in hearing how this problem turns out.

  2. So would I Simon.

    I have emailed their support email address and I have left voice mails on the their phone support number.

    So far I have heard nothing back. Their support response time is pretty poor too.

    If I hear anything back, I’ll update this post.

  3. I find them vry good support wise .. only issue ive had was voice mail, the pin provided dosnt seem to work. PS: I must look into that.

  4. Support wise, big issues. Their support number goes to a voicemail system. Messages left but calls not returned. Their support guy advised me that they cannot call mobiles, but can call me back if I had a landline, if I had a landline, why would I be using Blueface?
    So it seems, I cannot get support except by email.

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