IT@Cork Web 2.0 conference

The IT@Cork Web 2.0 half-day conference took place last Thursday (June 8th) and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive! Close to 130 attendees turned up despite it being the hottest day of the year so far.

Photo credit Donncha O’Caoimh

The structure of the conference was:

  • Shel Israel explained what Web 2.0 is
  • Salim Ismail detailed how Web 2.0 technologies can be used within the enterprise
  • Fergus Burns recounted his experiences setting up a Web 2.0 company in Ireland
  • while Walter Higgins and Rob Burke both demonstrated how to write Web 2.0 applications using freely available development tools.

The high level of audience participation showed that the crowd was very interested in all that was being said.

The biggest eye opener of the day for me was Rob Burke (of Microsoft)’s presentation. Microsoft were the main sponsor of the event and despite that, Rob (the poster boy for nice guys!) didn’t try a hard sell of Microsoft products. Instead he demoed Atlas, Microsoft’s free framework for developing standards based Web applications. Rob coded live and browsed the resultant website with Firefox! If Microsoft keep giving demoes like that, they are in serious danger of shirking their Evil Empire moniker!

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  1. The half-day conference was a whirlwind with no drag. After the presentations were finished, I wondered what PXN8 would look like when embedded into a Dot.Net Nuke installation.

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