IT@Cork Web 2.0 Mini Conference Google Calendar

I’m involved in the organisation of the June 8th, IT@Cork Web 2.0 mini-conference, as I have mentioned previously.

I’ve set up an IT@Cork Web 2.0 calendar with Google Calendar. It has the schedule for the talks and a bloggers dinner the evening before which Damien is organising (thanks Damien!).

The calendar has two ways you can subscribe to it and keep up-to-date with the conference. You can subscribe to the iCal feed with any ical enabled application (Like OS X’s iCal, or Google Calendar) or you can subscribe to the XML feed with any RSS reader.

If any changes are made to the schedule (frankly, at this stage, I don’t anticipate any but you never know) the calendar will be updated and you will see the change automatically in your calendar app or RSS reader.

5 thoughts on “IT@Cork Web 2.0 Mini Conference Google Calendar”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’m afraid I’m a bit clueless about google calendar – how do I see this event ?


  2. Tom – you know the calendar doesn’t render in NetNewsWire? Bit of a bummer but I’m using it in Camino without any problem

  3. Hey Dennis,

    What kind of problems are you seeing in Net NewsWire?

    It seems to render fine in my NetNewsWire. I’m using version 2.1

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