Amazon – "No Irish need apply"

Michele spotted recently that have recently changed their policies and are now no longer shipping orders to Ireland.

They will ship to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales no problem but not to the Republic of Ireland.

A number of the comments indicate that this may be in breach of EU regulations.

Obviously Amazon doesn’t believe our money is as good as people from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

Michele informed me in the comments that Amazon have only stopped shipping PC & Video Games, Toys & Games and Gift items to Ireland – curiously, they will still ship books, cds and dvds!

7 thoughts on “Amazon – "No Irish need apply"”

  1. Tom
    It’s not ALL orders – just the ones that I actually want 🙂

    They will still ship books, cds and dvds ..


  2. This might be for your buddy Shel Israel when he’s over, didn’t the CTO Werner Vogels tell him that they already had enough means to communicate with customers and didn’t need any more, back when Shel was on the road with his book?

    Werner has obviously never had to call up the company to find out why he can no longer buy consumer electronics from them, they’re an information black hole.

  3. I contacted Amazon to see what the beef was. Here is my email:

    Hi there,

    as a long time customer and a recent sign-up to the affiliate
    program, I was disappointed to see that you do not deliver PC and video games
    to Ireland.

    What is the reason for this?

    Here is their response!

    Dear Customer

    Thank you for contacting

    I’m sorry to hear about the system error you experienced that
    prevented you from purchasing PC and video games to Ireland.

    We are aware of this issue, and our developers are working on a
    resolution. Often these errors are corrected after only a short time,
    so please try again shortly.

    If after 48 hours you are still experiencing the same problem, please
    use the link below to e-mail us so we can investigate further:

  4. Hmmmm. I wonder has it anything to do with the weee directive which is in effect here, but not there? I don’t think they add the charge for their electrical stuff, therefore in breech of legistration here, maybe.

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