Finally you can subscribe to an Irish job search! job search

The ability to search and be constantly fed updates on the search results as they are published is one of the most powerful (and probably most under-utilised) aspects of RSS. I have long held that there is a natural fit between this functionality and the likes of recruitment companies, auctioneers, travel agents, etc.

Imagine the scenario – you are thinking of looking for a new job but you want it to be near where you live now, you want it to be related to what you do now and you want it to pay at least what you earn now. With a decent job search engine, you plug in these details and hopefully find something. If not, you check back again the following week, or whenever you remember.

However, if that job site allows you to subscribe to the search results, you simply copy the feed to your RSS reader and sit back and await that perfect job to arrive! contacted me today to alert me to the fact that they have rolled out the ability to subscribe to searches in their job search engine. I took a look at their job search and although it is extremely basic in functionality it is IT focussed and it does allow you to subscribe to the results. I think this is a first for job search in Ireland.

The king of rss job search is – unfortunately they are US based. The main Irish job search engines are and – neither of which offers the ability to subscribe to search results.

So, for now, the job search has first mover advantage in the Irish IT job search field. What do they need to do now? Well, if they expand the search functionality and the jobs database they could quickly own IT job search in Ireland.

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  1. Got a mail about this earlier too. I’m impressed. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a job site. Pity there doesn’t seem to be any graduate jobs there…

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  3. I think you guys are missing out on the most innovative service in this area that i thought more people knew about but maybe not. not only supplies RSS feeds for searches but also searched most of the top jobs sites in ireland.

    I posted about it back in March.

    I haven’t a need to search for jobs myself but I’d everyone looking for a job would use this.

  4. Hello all,

    You have also
    It is one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in Ireland, specialized in the construction industry.
    They currently have over 1,000 live vacancies on their website.
    Could be relevant for some of you
    Hope it will be helpful.


  5. Hi everybody!

    I also know a really good website to find jobs : brings together all the jobs from the major recruitment agencies in Ireland. No need to crawl from site to site.

    This website have been really useful for me. I advice to everyone.

    Good luck for your search!



  6. Hi everybody,
    I have found a new job website
    Here you can find jobs in call centre, shops, admin, hotels & restaurants, babysitting. Most of the positions are for junior profiles.
    Only companies can put their vacancies… no agencies!
    Best of luck in your search

  7. Hi guys,

    Have you ever heard about
    You can search through the vacancies posted on most of the UK and Irish job boards. By the way, they provide RSS feed and e-mail subscription to the particular jobs.


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