8 thoughts on “Windows has departed!”

  1. Hehe, I’ve seen a good few BSoD’s on departure boards at airports over the years. I remember Edinburgh aiport always used to have at least one monitor down with some form of error.

    Always meant to take a snap and post it for the craic, but never got around to it.

  2. Clever…. clever indeed… You think someone would be paying attention to it! Can we blame Microsoft so for future flight delays?

  3. This kind if diminishes my confidence in flying there to speak at Cork IT. What would happen if that screen said “a fatal error has occurred…”

  4. I can almost guarantee to find at least one screen at most airports with this – or the blue screen of death – how about a Flickrstream on this? Windows Dead, Dead Windows, Windows Departed (like that!) Departing on a Blue Screen, Blue Screen Airways, BLue Bubble…the mind boggles.

  5. Like Eoghan, just yesterday I spotted an ATM that had Windows on it and somehow (!) something went wrong. Apparently, it was “safe to restart your computer”. I tried taking a photo of it but couldn’t get past the reflection of the screen. They’re probably looking at the video footage of me taking photos of the ATM now!

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