Any questions for David Sifry?

I will be interviewing David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati this weekend for a podcast on – as always, if you have any questions that you’d like me to ask him, feel free to leave them in the comments or emil them to me at

3 thoughts on “Any questions for David Sifry?”

  1. Yes Tom. I’d like to put it to David that –

    Technorati is now offering search results on their Blogfinder service in OPML format, which is nice, but where we really need OPML is in their Favourites service so that we can use it to produce a proper Reading List. Is that feature forthcoming? And do the intend to fully embrace OPML going forward?

    Secondly, my TypePad blog is recognised in the Technorati system as two separate blogs according to its two valid URLs –

    When I submitted a trouble ticket I was told Technorati couldn’t consolidate the two addresses to read them as one which obviously depletes my blog authority ranking. Is there a fix for this on the way?

  2. Hi Tom

    My user experience of Technorati would be happier if the sponsored links nestled above and in the middle of the search results were more clearly differentiated. Their current presentation in an almost identical manner to the results makes it difficult to do a quick scan. Any chance of changing this?


  3. I have update problems. I’ve never been able to bottom them but sometimes Technorati doesn’t index my site, I need to put in a help request and then things are OK for while and then it breaks again. I’ve asked tech support if there is an issue at my end as plenty of others seem to be just fine and dandy. I’ve not received a definitive response. Usually they say – we’ve re-indexed – should be fine.’ Today for instance, it is showing what I am pretty certain is a very out of date link figure. It’s not updated for 21 hours. I am awaiting yet another couple of tech support questions to be amswered.

    I do suspect there is an issue at my end as the site is hosted at though it points to

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