One thought on “Any questions for Kevin Burton?”

  1. Burtonator!

    Tailrank is growing better and better and finally getting the recognition it deserves and about time too.

    What I’d like to know though is how much work did you put into promoting Tailrank and getting people to recognise how good a service it is so that they’d write about it compared to the grunt work of coding it or did you let the application do the talking. Is the “let the application” do the talking method getting less and less attention now with the flood of web apps that are around the place?

    Which companiesand/or applications do you see as your main competitors and which apps do you see as complimentary to Tailrank?

    Your Golden Ticket idea – made you a quick few bucks but is it anything more than a short term method for getting some cash in to spend on necessities? How would you rate the success of it? Were there advantages and disadvantages to this?

    You’ve been very reticient about not handing over part of your company to investors (from what I make out). Is giving a large or small part of your company in exchange for cash a bad idea? Is this from personal experience or from what you have seen in the industry? How can one get investors and remain fully in control?

    A fun one (maybe). There’s been talk about the Sun being bought by Google rumour and how Digg and Memeorandom got gamed. How can one game Tailrank? 🙂 Please note smilie face!

    Where do you see Tailrank fitting into the grand scheme of things. What do you see as being future steps for Tailrank?

    Bill Gates suffers an episode and instead of throwing chairs he gives you his cash stockpile. If there was one tech company out there that you could buy, what would it be and what would you do with it?

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