bug-ridden and fails to run.

Microsoft’s (the former got a big overhaul seemingly today.

I have written about previously and I have berated their lack of support for the Mac many times. I gave up waiting for Microsoft to add Mac support (they promised to add Mac support in July 2004 and still hadn’t by November) so I haven’t checked it in a long time.

When I saw all the hoopla about today I decided to check back – I should have saved myself the trouble – is broken on the Mac in Safari and Firefox.

In the blog, Program Manager Sanaz Ahari talks up the update and says that as well as the code update, they also updated the physical infrastructure is hosted on:

With this launch we’ve deployed a scaleable, geofederatable, higher performance backend which we’re looking forward to growing in to

That’s great Sanaz – it will now fail to work faster than ever on the Mac!

One thought on “ bug-ridden and fails to run.”

  1. In the early stages of developing PXN8 I didn’t have a Mac so I couldn’t support Safari. I felt bad about this since PXN8 is an *online* photo editor – it _should_ be platform independent – right ?
    Eventually I ponied up the money to buy an iBook so I could test on and support Safari, but for those first few months when PXN8 wouldn’t run on the Mac it felt like walking around with your fly undone. Microsoft have no excuse for not supporting the Mac – they must be absolutely shameless.
    I guess the view from Redmond is a little different to the view of a small ISV developing “web”-apps.

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