Feedmap relocates me!

I decided to try to add a FeedMap to my site yesterday – a feedmap is a map you can add to the sidebar of your blog showing where you are based and showing other bloggers in your locale if they have Geotagged their webpages.

The first thing you need to do is to find your geographic coordinates – I looked up my location and found that my longitude and latitude data are N51 50.789, W8 19.230 (format – WGS84 decimal degrees). I found these coordinates here.

These data can be converted to decimal degrees here.

When I entered the data into feedmap (lat = 51.8536; long = 8.324847):
Feedmap submission

Feedmap interpreted that data as North Rhine Westfalia (Germany)!

Feedmap output

Well, at least now I have an excuse for my not visiting my parents as often as they’d like!

I added Geo tags to the headers of this site using Andrew Turner’s very clear instructions on the Linux Journal site to try to get FeedMap to update my position but it failed to recognise the tags.

Doubtless I messed up the process somewhere along the way but Feedmap should make it easier to correct errors when they do occur. So for now it looks like I’m stuck in Germany – well, at least the beer will be good!

6 thoughts on “Feedmap relocates me!”

  1. Really John?

    Strange, everywhere I checked had 8 instead of -8.

    I guess that’d explain how I ended up in Germany – problem is now that Feedmap isn’t recognising my Geo Tags so I can’t correct it!

  2. I had the same problem. I used co-ordinates from Multimap which agree with some I had from Frappr but Feedmap put me somewhere near Athlone! Now I’ve nothing against the Midlands but it ain’t Bandon. And as they won’t let you change the co-ordinates, i just gave up.

  3. Chandu,

    thanks for stopping by and commenting – it looks like I am not the only one having this issue – how can we update the listing in Feedmap?


  4. and here I thought I had another English speaker not far from me.

    Where your Geofeeds put you is actually a really nice big lake area, lots of fun in the summer!

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