Google Adsense and EFT payments

This has probably been going on for a long time but I missed the memo(!) – Google’s Adsense is now paying by EFT as well as by cheque – this should speed up payments and reduce bank charges – excellent!

To access this facility:

  1. Click on the “My Account” tab in your Google Adsense screen
  2. Click on the “Edit” link beside Payment Details
  3. Select Add a new bank Account and click Continue
  4. Add in your bank account details and Save.

To verify the account Google will add in an amount to your account. You need to return to the Payment Details and enter the amount lodged in your account to verify it is your account.
This facility is currently available to people with bank accounts in the following countries:
Great Britain
United States

7 thoughts on “Google Adsense and EFT payments”

  1. Yup, has been in for some time now. They actualy send you a small fraction of money to your account to make sure it works. Those 0.51€ were the first (and only) money so far I got out of AdSense 🙂

    P.S. They send a random amount, and you have to enter how much they sent…

  2. They started beta testing it several months ago. I can’t remember when I switched over, but I think it was sometime during the autumn.

  3. Hi,.
    Just want to know if someone here has an idea..
    I have google checked before and havn’t cashed it and when i tried to incash it my bank said it has b een long dued..
    Now I have google pay in my Bank..
    What should I do?

  4. Hey my country is not even listed for EFT. Well I guess i just have to receive checks and just deposit manually into my account.
    Anyways no problems!


  5. I think a shop should offer all e-payment methods the client like to use in his country – but Google Checkout?. When most of them like to pay for example by creditcard, give them what they want. Make more money with the right payments.

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