Any questions for Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo?

I am interviewing Bradley Horowitz, director of technology development for Yahoo’s search group tomorrow for a podcast on – any questions you may have feel free to leave them here in the comments and I will be sure to ask them.

2 thoughts on “Any questions for Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo?”

  1. My Q’s:

    At present you index & search text very well and now the beginnings of good video search are emerging with on-screen ocr, close captions, speech recognition and iconography/iconology, shot/frame/scene boundaries, colour averaging etc…

    At the same time, the human interaction with video has been a problem where the result set is hard to browse to see ‘quickly’ to judge if a result is relevant without actually watching the clip. Has Yahoo! anything up its sleeve to address this?

    At the same time Yahoo! seem to have allot going on in the Mobile world, with much more expensive cell data rates in Europe than abroad (€26 average for 4MB in Ireland! Source: Sunday Independent), is this going to put a stub on the introduction of Yahoo! Mobile products on this side of the pond?

    Many Thanks!


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