Boy am I feeling sick today!

I buy a lovely sparkling new 2.1ghz iMac G5 just last November and yesterday Steve Jobs announces a new iMac running on Intel dual core chips which is 2-3 times faster?


But all is not rosy for the new apple announcements – Apple announced Photocasting – this is a new function, built-in to iPhoto which allows users to publish a photo set and allow people to subscribe to the photo set using their RSS reader so they will always see the most up-to-date pics (think grandparents and pics of grandkids, for example) – all sounds nice but Dave Winer took Apple to task straight after for not properly coding the RSS for phtotcasting and so it doesn’t work in all RSS readers.

The new laptops which were announced – the MacBook Pro (who dreamt up such a Godawful name?) – may not be as fast as Steve Jobs maintains as Unsanity points out. Also, they are missing the Firewire 800 post, the S-video output and they have a lower screen resolution!

The last thing which annoyed me about the announcements was the fact that the new blogging and podcasting elements of GarageBand and iWeb appear to require users to have a .Mac account. I don’t have a .Mac account. Nor do I want one. I don’t see a compelling need for one. Now it looks like Steve jobs and Apple are trying to get an extra $99 per annum from people who want to blog or podcast using Apple’s products. Hopefully I’m wrong and the new version of GarageBand will allow saving to mp3 or another format which can be converted to mp3 ‘cos the sound editing functions in the demo looked awsome!

I’m not bitter. Honest!

2 thoughts on “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhpple!”

  1. Neh.
    If you notice they are still selling your PPC iMac alongside the new model. The reason? Rosetta performance sucks. Your iMac will beat the hell out of anything running on an Macintel which isn’t a Universal Binary.

    As for Dave Winer if Dave Winer didn’t complain about Apple he wouldn’t be Dave Winer, he needs an enemy of the week. This week it’s Apple, next week it’ll be Google, the week after that Microsoft, the week after that a person. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Dave thinks it’s a plot, I’d say it’s just Apple doing what they do best with 1.0 code, making massive fuckups which they’ll fix later on.

  2. I think there’s a free element to a .Mac account, so maybe that’s all you need with Garageband (like the way you can have a .Mac account in iChat but it doesn’t cost anything.)

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