4 thoughts on “Any questions for Marc Canter”

  1. As co-founder of MacroMind, now known as Macromedia, what is his view on the acquisition by Adobe. Or does he have one?

  2. what is his view on the acquisition by Adobe. Or does he have one?

    Hehe. He certainly does. That’ll be a fun answer!

    I have a few. First a fairly technical one:

    With structured blogging possibly going to realise the dream of a distributed Internet and distributed content, how will it be preserved? If a site with a lot of content goes down, is it stored on the site that aggregates the content? What if that goes down or will it be stored at Archive.org?

    What about modifying the content? If I later change the content, how do I ensure that someone that hoovered it up will take and honour the latest edit?

    Won’t you need servers with a LOT of processing power to run these distributed content sites? Before we could host a simple page but now each page could be made up of 100s of bits of microcontent, which all need to be monitored for any changes. Wouldn’t this be a processor and bandwidth hog?

    Marc, you have your fingers in many many pies. Apart from cloning your fingers, how do you keep track of it all? Is there a lot of hat switching? How do you balance it and your family life which from your blog we can see is hugely important to you? Do you subscribe to the getting things done regime?

    Your organisation is multi-cultural and multi-national. You are employing a lot of people in India. How is this working for you? Is it just about saving money? How did you go about recruiting people there?

    How’re the silk shirts? 🙂

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