Site offline briefly – sorry

Apologies if you were trying to access this site or its podcasts at around 1am GMT this morning – the site was briefly offline. The site was offline because I exceeded my hosting bandwidth allowance – due to the unprecedented success of my podcasts!

A victim of my own success!

Fortunately the nocturnal FrankP rang me to alert me (knowing that I was probably asleep but also knowing that I would be prefer to be woken to get this sorted asap) and even more fortunately, I have the mobile number of the MD of my hosting co. I rang him and he said he’d get it sorted – that’s good service, thanks Michele.

7 thoughts on “Site offline briefly – sorry”

  1. Glad to hear the glitch was due to something so positive!

    I figured it was something like that when I saw it, hope you enjoy the conference, sorry to be missing it. Or at least, if I’m honest, sorry to be missing the keynote speakers πŸ˜›

  2. big up for Black Night would other 247 365 hosts be contactable in the black of the night. lets work this out, tom has a monetising issue, success brings bills, what if a hosting company sponsored tom’s cast… I’ll waive an agents fee.

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