Riya frustrations

I received an Alpha invite to try out Riya the other day. I have posted about Riya previously and it does sound like it will be an exciting application – it is an online photo application (like Flickr) but it has facial recognition software built-in. This means that once you upload a photo and tell Riya who is in the photo, it will recognise them in any other photos you upload. This will help enormously when you want to search for pictures subsequently as currently there is no real way to search for images unless they have meta-information attached.

But when I went to Riya, I was unable to upload any pictures as the uploader is Windows XP only – this meant I was unable to test any of the applications features 🙁

Riya Home page

However bad it is not having a Mac uploader, how difficult would it have been having a couple of test images in Alpha testers accounts so that if they couldn’t upload images they could, at least play with the test ones?

3 thoughts on “Riya frustrations”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I totally understand…sigh…I am forwarding this post to our engineering. I’m hoping that all of the Mac user feedback (I’m one and so is the CEO) will push a Mac uploader build soon!


  2. Tara,

    thanks for the quick response – however, if they can’t ship an uploader quickly, why not have a few default pics pre-loaded in accounts to be played with?

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