Upcoming podcasts – get your questions in!

Great news! I have some extremely interesting podcast interviews coming up soon that I am very excited about – in the next few days I plan on recording interviews with:

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask any of these interviewees, feel free to leave your questions in the comments and, as always, I’ll ask them for you during the interview.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming podcasts – get your questions in!”

  1. Jazsus … fair play Tom, you’ve got a great line up there. I find I don’t really listen to podcasts that often – too time consuming and too much cr*p … but I really enjoyed your one with Scoble, and the guys you’ve got upcoming here should be interesting too.

    ‘Tom Raftery IT – Ireland Premier Podcaster’ 😉

  2. *blush* – Aw shucks guys!

    Ed – what you need to do now is subscribe to a few podcasts and listen to them on the plane to Paris for the Les Blogs conference – currently you live too close to work! See there are disadvantages to a short commute!


  3. Question for Matt:
    Blogger was all flavour of the month there for a while, then Google bought Blogger and slowly things seem to have gone downhill from there. Is there life in Blogger yet or have Google lost touch with the blogging community?

    or something…

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