Any questions for Shel Israel?

Shel Israel describes himself as “a recovering publicist“. Shel used to own a PR agency specialising in tech startups and Shel

was involved in the initial launches of Sun Microsystems, PowerPoint, Filemaker, SoundBlaster, Napster, MapInfo, Virtual Vineyards and quite a few others

More recently Shel co-authored the authoritative business blogging book Naked Conversations with Robert Scoble. This is a book which was written entirely transparently in a blog online with the collaboration of many of prominent business blogging consultants.

I am interviewing Shel this late this evening/early tomorrow morning (damn that 8 hour time difference!) and I will podcast the interview later this week.

If anyone has any questions they’d like me to ask Shel, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

One thought on “Any questions for Shel Israel?”

  1. mmm. There are 40,000 blogs updates every hour of the day. How am I to read all that? seriously hasn’t blogging just added to the textual data smog that make it easier for government to bury the truth, making facts harder to come by.

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