Any questions you'd like to ask Robert Scoble?

I will be interviewing Robert Scoble (Microsoft’s tech evangelist and chief blogger) on this coming Tuesday evening (15th) and podcasting the interview as part of the PR around the IT@Cork conference. Robert will be giving a keynote address on Business Blogging at the opening of the conference and later in the Technical Stream Robert will be giving a talk on the next 5 years in Social Software.

I’m looking for questions to ask Robert – if you have any questions you’d like me to ask him (especially around the two talks he is giving), drop them into the comments and I’ll try to fit them in to the interview.

9 thoughts on “Any questions you'd like to ask Robert Scoble?”

  1. With so many bloggers now, and an ever more exclusive blogging ‘A list’, do you think that new bloggers will find it hard to get an audience – with so much of a demand on people’s attention already?

  2. Who can throw a chair further, him or Ballmer? 🙂

    But seriously, how about: What kind of world does he want his son’s kids to grow up in and how can he and Microsoft and other companies go about forming that world?

  3. Justin,

    Isn’t BSD CC’d? As in, if someone were using it, wouldn’t they have to release it back along with any changes they had made?

    If that is the case, I don’t see Microsoft admitting any part of Vista is based on BSD, even if it was.

    I’ll ask anyway, what the hey! You never know, I might catch him with his guard down!

  4. No. BSD is BSD licensed. You can do pretty much do whatever you like with its code as long as you leave the accreditation in. Windows TCP/IP stack was (not sure if it still is) almost completely copied from BSD, with accreditation intact.

    Back on topic:

    What do you find so compelling (or the best and the worst) about working for Microsoft Corp.?

    (I bet he won’t go near this one) Do you agree with their dirty tactics in the past and present of disposing of competitors ala Netscape, Real Media, and the latest SCO-secret-society they are funding to smear the name of Linux?

  5. Also: What do you find so compelling (or the best and the worst) about blogging? (Or maybe I don’t read his blog enough?)

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