Is clean, cheap energy in the pipeline?

A report in Friday’s Guardian tells of a new form of clean, cheap energy production – which has academics fighting over quantum theory!

Basically, the new form of energy production, called hydrino energy, breaks the rules of long accepted quantum theory and so while it might work in practice, it doesn’t appear to work in theory! Hydrino energy was invented by Dr. Randell Mills, who claims to have built a prototype power source that generates up to 1,000 times more heat than conventional fuel and Dr Mills says that his company, Blacklight Power, has tens of millions of dollars in investment lined up to bring the idea to market.

Andreas Rathke of the European Space Agency has been one of the most vocal critics of the idea behind hydrino energy:

In a damning critique published recently in the New Journal of Physics, he argued that Dr Mills’s theory was the result of mathematical mistakes.

Now another theorist has joined the debate: Jan Naudts of the University of Antwerp in Belgium argues that the Klein-Gordon equation of relativistic quantum mechanics does indeed permit the existence of a low-energy hydrino state! Via.

If the academics can put their arguments aside and allow this new energy source to be developed, hydrino energy has the potential to yield enormous benefits globally. In the first place, it doesn’t produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, so it would benefit the environment and secondly, it has been calculated that hydrino energy would cost around 1.2 cents (0.7p) per kilowatt hour. This compares to an average of 5 cents per kWh for coal and 6 cents for the next cheapest large scale energy source – nuclear energy.

There are still many unanswered questions with respect to hydrino energy – can it be scaled up? Is it viable? and not least of which is how does it work?

Oil companies stand to lose big time if these questions can be answered positively. With oil reserves dwindling, and their reputations lower than ever, perhaps the oil companies would do well to invest heavily in this technology!

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  1. Greetings:

    Folks might want to slow down a bit and listen to what is being said
    regarding the hydrion energy thing. I know very little about the
    man (Dr. Mills) and his associates but what I do know for a fact is
    that within the dynamic phase of the interim element herein known
    as the “EMO” there exist such a “return” of energy back to the core
    from which it comes from. It’s part of the slogan that energy can
    never be destroyed or created hypothesis. This is a clear picture
    within the composition of the interim element. Now as far as to how
    to “tap” into the return energy which seems to be the case of the
    hydrino debate is another story. I was under the impression that
    this was something that of a futuristic application because very few
    people on earth have ever seen the “EMO”. My guess is that this
    Dr. Mills has somehow found a back door but on the other hand if he
    had then the interim element should have been announced at the
    very beginning of the hydrino energy subject. It is very interesting
    to know how he did this? See for more information.
    Please visit the site from time to time to track the outlay of the
    three transitional states of the element…

    Thank You

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