Irish Primary School curriculum soon to be available online

The Examiner reported yesterday that the Primary School curriculum will “soon be available online”.

According to the article:

The Government and private sector have joined forces in a project to post subjects online.

‘Teachnet’ will train 50 teachers in web-technology to develop material for schools everywhere.

I guess “soon” is a relative term. How long is it going to take them to hire and train 50 primary teachers – never mind for those 50 to put the curriculum online?

Lets be honest, the entire curriculum will never be online, not unless they massively change the curriculum – but this development is to be welcomed. It is a (small) step in the right direction.

Eventually every child in Primary School will have a networked desktop, and will submit their homework through the school’s extranet. Parents will be able to login and trace their child’s progress etc. We have a long way to go in Ireland before we reach that stage, though – we need to construct proper school buildings first!