Free .be domains!

Ever wanted a .be domain – you know, something like,,, or even

Well, you can now register a .be domain, absolutely free! This is a promotion by the Belgian Domain Registry and it goes on until 31st of January 2006.

Apply for your .be here.

Land grab!


The promotion has been flooded and the server taken offline until tomorrow! Wow! Who’d a

11 thoughts on “Free .be domains!”

  1. Interesting. I tried to register a few .be domains about half a year ago, and the Belgian registry was rather strict about having either an office in Belgium, or a registered trademark in Belgium. That’s why we refrained from doing it.

  2. That’s true, but we resell for our partner, Tucows Inc. They are listed here:

    This is also clearly written on our site.

    Tucows is the world’s largest domain name wholesaler, they do not sell direct but through their network of qualified resellers. I hope that explains it for you!

    Best regards

    Nick Wilsdon

  3. I might add, that our .ru domain is not hosted in Russia. You can actually host any extension on any server. That site is in the US as it happens.

    We do work in Russia though, and yes, among the 180’000 web sites currently in the RuNet, some are legitimate businesses. I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of people who assume all Russian sites are warez/porn/mafia related etc.

    I’m not saying these sites don’t exist, of course they do. I’m also the first to say we need to do some house cleaning in the RuNet. Keep in mind though that anyone (US/UK) can register and host a .ru domain, not just Russians. There are normal web businesses/people here too though 😉

  4. well, to be quite frank, i would suggest that you get rid of your .ru domains and use something else. and dont use .biz either. lets be honest, there ARE certain domain extensions that had a bad reputation, deserved or not.

  5. Hi jf,

    Sorry are you seriously suggesting that all businesses in Russia, get rid of their .ru domains and use something else? There are 180’000 domains currently in RuNET.

    I can only assume you work for Verisign 😉

  6. There are definately alot of spam domains using the .biz and .ru tlds. I see them way more than other tlds.

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