Podcasting problems!

One of the biggest problems with podcasting is the space and bandwidth podcasts consume. There are a number of ways around this, but none are perfect.

In my how-to post about podcasting, I mentioned that it was possible to use the Internet Archive to host your podcast and video blog files free. The problem with that solution is that at the time it took over 24 hours from submission of a podcast to having it approved.

In the comments of that post Pete Prodoehl mentioned that Ourmedia.org provided a service where files submitted to them would be added to the Internet Archive in a matter of minutes. This service seems to have broken down though. The last two mp3 files I submitted to them disappeared, never to surface in the Internet Archive.

So yesterday, I was trying to upload the mp3 recording of my RSS for non-techies talk. Not having any luck with Ourmedia.org, I decided to try the Internet Archive directly again and this time it was far faster than previously.

It still took roughly 12 hours from submission to approval but at least it worked unlike the Ourmedia.org service and I now can point people to the recording.

I forgot to mention I tried Odeo as well but I was unable to find how to upload an mp3 through its interface.

10 thoughts on “Podcasting problems!”

  1. Ryan, thanks for the tip – unfortunately that page comes up completely blank for me (Firefox on OS X) and I can’t see any link to it on the Odeo site.

    Thanks for the link to the review as well.

  2. Tom, you could try serving it through Coral Content Distribution to save on bandwidth – http://www.coralcdn.org

    I’ve used it for a few things, from what I understand the first request for the file gets picked up from your blog but then subsequent requests are picked up from their network of caching servers, and all you have to do is add an extension to the domain in the URL.

  3. i have audacity for my mac and two usb headset mics. all i want to do is record onto one track two people talking into their respective mics. audacity doesnt let me do it, i can only choose one mic to record from. how can i fix this problem

  4. is there perhaps another program that allows me to record two mics through two usb ports?

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