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Apologies for the light posting today but I was busy preparing the RSS for non-techies talk for IT@Cork for this afternoon.

A copy of my presentation is now available for download here (2.74mb pdf).

I recorded the talk and I will update this post with the address of the mp3 version of the talk in the next day or two.

Ok you can now download a podcast of this talk here (10.5mb mp3). For some reason this particular podcast isn’t showing up in my iTunes subscription – anyone else having this problem?

8 thoughts on “RSS for non-techies talk”

  1. Hmm…I’ve only gotten around to reading this pdf now and I don’t think I would describe it as RSS for non-techies. There’s lots of technical terms and seems to presume that the audience is considering RSS. I’ll listen to the mp3 before passing final judgement.

  2. I think (at least I hope) the talk is more for non-techies. What I tried to do was to walk them through the technology in simple steps, and show them how it could be used to gather market intelligence.

    But please tell me if you think I was too technical – being more technical than most, I sometimes find it hard to row back!

  3. Hello

    I was wondering what people thought of; it’s designed for non-technical people. In simple terms, it enables anyone to read RSS feeds offline (PDF) without needing to use complex RSS readers / software.


    Stephen Jones

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