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Steve Rubel has written 10 tips on power using RSS (why does everyone write 10 tips and not 9 or 31 or something?).

Anyway, some of the tips are very useful like the “building feeds for your favourite writers” tip and some are just plain silly (i.e. the “Got a Car? Subscribe to its RSS Feed”).

One suggestion Steve missed out on is to use RSS in your job search. I have written previously about and how they trawl all the major jobs sites gathering all the vacancies, they allow job hunters to search for jobs and they give them an RSS feed of that search!

So, I have a feed for Chief Blogging Officer in the Cork region with a salary of over 250,000 euro – as soon as that job is advertised, I’ll see it in my RSS feed, and I’m as good as hired! Ok, I’m being a little facetious, there is no facility to enter your salary expectations in the job search but the point remains, I think this would have been a better tip than some of the ones Steve mentioned.

If you would like to know more about RSS, I am giving a presentation for IT@Cork next Tuesday (25th) at 6pm – RSS for non-techies! in the National Software Centre. See you there.

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  1. Lists seem to be doing the rounds these days. I posted my tips for writing content for your blog and got a ton of hits.

    I posted thirteen tips rather than ten. People seem to either leave things out or just make stuff up to try and get to the magic number otherwise.

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