Developments in search

Two search announcements overnight:

The Yahoo! blog search engine is disappointing – from a user interface point of view – the blog search results are hidden away in a sidebar of the main results on the right hand side of the page.
This is the part of many web pages which contains ads and consequently is ignored subconsciously by most users. Also, on a couple of searches I performed on the site, the results are poor compared to its competitors and I note that Scoble had a similar experience.

Chris Pirillo’s, on the other hand, is an interesting new take on search. It gives the search string in the domain – so a search for nano becomes and a search for iPod Nano becomes Also, amazingly if you add /opml onto the end of the domain name (i.e. you are presented with an opml feed for the search which can be imported in to most RSS readers. is also optimised for mobile devices which will be more and more important as PDA’s and mobile phones converge.

This is something Scoble has been asking for for some time now!

Lisa Vaas of eWeek has an excellent review of, if you want to know more about it, I suggest taking a look at that.

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