Google launches online rss feed reader

In case you missed it, Google launched their online feed reader application Google Reader (in Beta) on Friday.

Google Reader has an amazing interface built in Ajax and uses a “Lens” analogy for reading feeds. I can’t help but think though that the interface actually sacrifices usability for looks. The interface seems, almost, to get in the way of the reading experience.

Anyone else find this?

5 thoughts on “Google launches online rss feed reader”

  1. Yeah ads are annoying.

    Don’t think I’ll bother with the Google RSS reader. Stephen Davies is right when he says that at times it seems like Google are releasing stuff for the sake of it.

  2. Hmmm,

    thanks for the feedback guys. Alright, I might modify my strategy and add ads to posts if they are popular, a couple of weeks after they are published, rather than when I am initially publishing them – that way I won’t be annoying regular readers.

    I’m surprised that you guys aren’t reading my posts in an RSS reader – any reason for that?

  3. I really like Google Reader so far – its got a really clean uncluttered interface (compared to a lot of the other web-based (and all standalone) feed readers) and the ability to read the next unread post without moving your mouse (just click) is nice – but I’ll probably get over that really quickly. The keyboard shortcuts really rock too.

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