Cnet names its top 100 blogs

Cnet today published its list of the top 100 blogs today – as expected Tom Raftery’s IT Views was amongst the top 100 – not!

The list names all the usual suspects: Scoble, Engadget, Schneier on Security, et al.

Some of the blogs listed, I hadn’t heard of before like (an IPTV and TV over the Internet resource!) are also listed. The blogs are listed alphabetically as well as being categorised, so you can quickly see which blogs Cnet thinks are best on software, for instance (IEBlog, Jon’s Radio, Ongoing, Burnham’s Beat, C:\PIRILLO.EXE, Channel 9, Mini-Microsoft, Joi Ito’s Web, Connections,, Molly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Microsoft Blog,, O’Reilly Radar, Between the Lines).

It is disappointing to see that most, if not all, of the blogs listed are US based – I’m not sure is that because the Judges themselves (Cnet) are US based, or because there are no good blogs outside of the US – but I have my suspicions!