Scoble switches to WordPress

I see Robert Scoble is switching to WordPress as his blogging engine of choice – way to go Robert! His new WordPress-powered blog will be on the hosted WordPress site at the address

Although this site uses WordPress, I haven’t tried the hosted version of WordPress so I can’t comment on how different it is from a regular WordPress blog.

The features of WordPress I like the most are the fact that it is open source, it is web standards compliant out of the box, and there are literally hundreds of plug-ins available for it. Just this morning I installed a great plug-in to manage Technorati Tags called Ultimate Tag Warrior!

Other WordPress plug-ins I love are:

So, welcome aboard the best and most extensible blogging engine on the planet Robert – you made the right decision.

Updated to add in the new uri for the Subscribe to Comments plugin

6 thoughts on “Scoble switches to WordPress”

  1. Er, subscribing to comments is available out of the box on all the WordPresses I’ve ever seen. What’s special about the plugin?

  2. Hi Frank,

    Scoble is using – this is a hosted version of WordPress (like Blogger, you sign up, get a hosted account and access it remotely). His problem is with – seems access to the site is slow – I have had that problem with Blogger in the past!

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