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I posted yesterday about an RSS event I am organising and in the comments for that post I mentioned Dave Winer’s suggestion that we should use a “Subscribe” button on our blogs instead of “RSS” or “XML”

FrankP read that comment and decided to run with that suggestion – Frank created a cool little white on orange Subscribe button (see below)
Subscribe button

and I have replaced my XML button with Frank’s new Subscribe button – I advise all bloggers to do the same and in Dave’s words:

It’s the old second-mover thing, the second one has the power to make a standard. So let’s make a standard.

18 thoughts on “Subscribe button”

  1. Michele, they are on the right hand side – not blogged about, just sitting there all functional and stuff. Some people blab about it (me) and others just go and f*ckin do it (Alan) I guess πŸ˜‰

    Nicely done Alan.

  2. Michele – the main subscribe button and the ‘?’ button for those who don’t know what it is.

    As amatter of interest Alan, did you always have a help button? It makes loads of sense, I just haven’t seen it too much to date – wondering if it’s coincidence we were thinking along same lines?

  3. Michele, I have changed the uri on that button – thanks.

    Alan and Frank – great work, I’m going to post an update about the help button as well as using a help button and Help Page on the site – thanks!

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