7 thoughts on “Cool iPod Nano pics”

  1. Hmm, yes. Very nice but the absence of recording capability is still a showstopper for me. I decide on a spec, and then look for the best in that class. If the nano entered any of my classes it would win by miles, but it has too limited functionality even to get a position on the starting grid.

    Grüße, Max.

  2. In memory, the iPod nano loses to many players, but 2000 WMA files and 1000 MP3 is amazing, and, like the shuffle, it is first and foremost an audio player. Though it would be a little better if there was a second generation iPod nano with some Sandisk or Zen touches-an FM tuner and 6gb flash memory like the mini did with its second generation, but the mini had no FM tuner. The way the nano is constructed with flash based drive is perfect, no skips and it is far more durable, according to my recent tests. Though 4 gigabytes is small to, say the Zen Vision, or the Rio Karma, or even the second generation iPod, it is doing exactly as it is supposed to: being a small flash based player that is light and durable. I love the nano. But since I also have a mini, I am ticked off and sad that the nano started and discontinued and depleted the supply of the former predecessor, the once elusive iPod mini. In any case, the iPod nano is good, except for the drawback of easy scratching. Overall, on a scale of one to ten, ten being spectacular and one abysmal, I give the mini an .4, my shuffle a 7.2, and the nano a 9.6 (no FM tuner!).

  3. Don’t you get frustrated that you can only use iTunes?

    I found it far too restrictive. It’s like buying a Toyota and only being allowed to use gas from the Toyota garage – or a Hotpoint Washing Machine, but only being allowed to use their own brand of washing powder.

    They should open up the spec of the iPod so that you can use any kind of audio format, instead of trying to monopolize the marketplace.

    Just my two cents! :o)

    Peace out x

  4. i cant believe how hard it is to put photos on your ipod its unbelievabe do you know how to transfer photos from one ipod to another ipod x

  5. the nano is really awesome because even though its so small its also ridiculously reliable for something that looks like you can shatter it in your hand.

  6. by the way thanks to that anonymous poster for mentioning the karma, it made me nostalgic, i miss that thing.

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