More about Google Blog Search

An important feature of Google’s new Blog Search to be aware of is, as Niall Kennedy and Damien Mulley have noted, it is not really a Blog Search – it is a Feed Search.

This may sound like semantics but there is an important distinction – many bloggers only publish summaries of their posts in their feeds (I’m looking at you Damien and you too Bernard!) – they will now be penalised as Google will only index the summaries of their posts – not the entire post.

Another reason to publish full feeds!

Btw, kudos to Google – they updated their index on this blog just over an hour after I posted that it was well out of date – they are obviously listening.

5 thoughts on “More about Google Blog Search”

  1. It also means that non-blog-feeds are picked up as well. And in fact they have fully indexed the newsfeeds from my corporate webpage.

    It’s nice to see us immediately on #1 spot for our “money terms” in blogsearch too.

  2. Michael,

    thanks for pointing that out – Damien did mention it in the post I linked to but it merits stating explicitly and i forgot to do that in my post – d’oh!

    As Damien said:

    it should be called Google RSS Search, not Blog Search. I get Irish Examiner RSS feeds in the results. They don’t do blogs.

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