Poker tournaments on a phone?

With the rollout of 3G, I think there will be a big move to live networked gaming on mobile phones – kind of like Xbox Live but on your handset. Thinking a little more along those lines, it occurrs to me that the one game which loses the least from being on a small screen is Poker (or card games in general – however, Poker is the most popular online card game at present).

If online Poker tournaments were run in conjunction with mobile operators, purchasing chips could be billed back to the mobile bill – or chips could be free and the winner of a tournament get a prize of an iPod/new handset/holiday/whatever.

I’m sure it is only a matter of time before this takes off.

If you want to comment on this post – beware that because of the number of poker spam sites, the word poker gets comments blacklisted – try p*ker instead!

5 thoughts on “Poker tournaments on a phone?”

  1. I know p*kerroom does this… haven’t tried it or anything, but they have been advertising…

  2. I’m all in! Great idea and concept, but I do not think this will take off soon. There are too many issues around the legality and I highly doubt any wireless oprators want to get exposure to all of the issues and problems that could come to the front with this.

  3. Am I the only Luddite left who wants a mobile phone for just calling / SMSing people and nothing else? I’m sick of all the games, beeps, squeaks, cameras, mp3 players and other assorted crap they keep adding to them. Down with this sort of thing!

  4. Hi Lee,

    no, you aren’t the only Luddite left who only wants a mobile phone for calling people – my 72 year old parents said exactly the same thing to me just the other night – oh, and the buttons on “these damn phones are too small as well”



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