updates but still ignores Mac announced on their blog that they have released a new version of their portal site – this time simply at and no longer at – a sensible, if overdue, move.

The rest of the updates to the portal are:

  • feed read/unread support
  • more/fewer headlines
  • auto-refresh for feeds
  • many improvemens on:

  • look and feel
  • feed subscriptions
  • default experience
  • sidebar behavior
  • as we as many bug fixes

That’s all very well but the site is still non-functional on the Mac platform in either Safari or FIrefox – and, although they say many times on the site:

please send us your feedback (comment or email startfb) – tells us what you like about start and what you don’t like. share your ideas and suggestions for new startlets, ux, ads, functionality, etc. we value your input, no feedback is left unread 🙂

it seems that when it comes to the Mac platform, at least, reading the feedback is all that is done – no action has taken place at all to improve the Mac platform experience on

You’d have to wonder is there a deliberate policy of ignoring the Mac on!