I'm off!

I mentioned last week that I was taking a break starting this week – the break has started and I am now officially on my break.

I won’t be near a computer again until August 31st so there won’t be any new posts here before then.

I’m sorry to be away from the blog for so long but this is a promise I keep to my family every year around this time – see you soon.


5 thoughts on “I'm off!”

  1. Saw your post re: iraqi deaths. Wonder if you ever thought that there actually is a net gain of save iraqi lives. Prior to the war the UN had sanctions that leftist groups said was costing upwards of 500k or more lives. Sanctions are now gone. Interesting also that those against our actions also forget the thousands that Saddam killed and maimed. How convenient…could not resist the sarcasm-sorry.

  2. John, Bernard and Angsuman – thanks for the good wishes – had a great break and I didn’t touch a mouse or keyboard for the entire holiday!

    Jim, I’m not sure which post you are referring to but this blog really isn’t the place for a debate on American foreign policies – thanks for stopping by though and I hope you enjoy the more tech related posts here.

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