Apple finally deliver a functional mouse

Apple's new Mighty Mouse mouse

Apple have today launched a new mouse, dubbed the Mighty Mouse – no, honestly, you couldn’t make that up!

The Mighty Mouse looks like the current one-button mouse Mac has been famous (and famously criticised for) for so long, but this mouse has:

touch-sensitive technology under Mighty Mouse’s seamless top shell detect where you’re clicking, transforming your sleek, one-button mouse into a two-button wonder

It also has:

360-degree scrolling capability, thanks to its Scroll Ball, perfectly positioned to roll smoothly under just one finger


Apple engineers added force-sensing buttons on either side of Mighty Mouse that let you squeeze the mouse between your thumb and finger, activating Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard, Exposé or a whole host of other, customizable features — instantly.

Personally, I think Apple should have done something like this years ago. I can’t stand Apple’s one button mouse, so I forked out for a Logitech cordless mouse with a scroll wheel long ago.

For those fans of the single button mouse (both of them!) this mouse can be configured to act as a single-button mouse (don’t ask me why you would want to do that after buying this mouse!).

Finally, Windows users needn’t feel left out – this mouse ships with Windows drivers so you can use it with Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

By the way, if anyone in Apple reads this, I’d be happy to review this mouse for you – just send it on 🙂

5 thoughts on “Apple finally deliver a functional mouse”

  1. Hi Mate,
    Looks nice and seems that Apple is still not willing to go the whole way and produce a 2 button mouse but rather disguise it in stead.
    My Mate bought it today so im looking forward to haveing a look but i think its too little too late. And Like your self i have a MX900 from Logitech with 8 buttons! it is optical of course and wireless so ill hang on to it for a while yet.

  2. ::sarcasm::

    It is sad to see that, after so many years, Apple has still failed to release a multi-button mouse. Instead, they chose to release a mutli-touch-sensor mouse. …disappointing


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