Firefox New Window command not working

I recently upgraded my Firefox install to 1.06 – while I was at it, I upgraded the extensions and added some new ones (GreaseMonkey, SessionSaver, Google Toolbar for Firefox, and Googlebar).

After installing all of these and re-starting Firefox a number of times, I realised that the File -> New Window command was no longer working. Neither was the right-click Open Link in New Window command.

I wasn’t sure if this was a bug in Firefox or if one of the new extensions was causing a problem so I googled and couldn’t find anything that might indicate a problem with Firefox 1.06.

I then started disabling the new extensions one by one (and re-starting Firefox in between). Still no joy.

Then I remembered that I had updated the SearchStatus extension to 1.6. Disabling this extension resolved the problem and I am now able to open new windows once more (phew!).

Curiously there is no mention of this bug on the developer’s site – I reported it on the comment form on their site so hopefully we will see an update soon.

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  1. Hi Tom. I had similar problems with several of my extensions, mainly Googlebar for Firefox, but this was going from 1.04 to 1.05. The search button stopped working, which is a bit of a problem with a searchbar. Going to 1.06 didn’t fix it and I ended up housecleaning and reinstalling all the important extensions I needed.

    It does make me wonder about the compatability of some of these extensions. I suppose it’s a case of KISS, and I’ll probably stick to the really important extensions in future. Cheers.

  2. Tis one of the unfortunate problems with Firefox … poor quality testing of extensions. I can’t remember the amount of times I have had to delete my profile and start anew because of some dodgy extension. Though, to be honest, I have been testing beta versions of Firefox too and they are guaranteed to have some bugs.
    Have you seen Firefox 1.1 (Deerpark) yet? Some new small changes…

    And importantly, are you using Firefox as Gaeilge nó as Béarla? 🙂

  3. @Pete,
    KISS is probably the way to go – unfortunately I see a shiny new extension and my brain switches off – “ooh, ooh, shiny new extension! Must have, must try… uh, oh!”

    I haven’t seen 1.1 yet. I am looking forward to it but I try enough in dev stuff (WordPress mostly) and can’t afford the inevitable downtime which goes with it!

    I’m using Firefox as Béarla – there’s an as Gaeilge verssion? Mind you, I don’t imagine my Spanish wife would be too impressed if I loaded the as Gaeilge version!

  4. Indeed, there’s been an Irish version since 1.0.1. You could do what I did, install the English verison as default, then install the Irish language pack (.xpi) for myself and a Finnish language pack for the missus … or Spanish in the case of your missus.

    Some links for you:

    Full Irish & Spanish installations:

    Firefox in Irish homepage:

    Language pack: page gives full installations so instead choose the directory which applies (windows-xpi/linux-xpi/mac-xpi) and scroll down to find the language pack, both Irish and Spanish are there:

    Language switcher extension – VITAL if you use more than 1 language with Firefox:

    And obviously – back up your profile folder just in case!

  5. No problem Tom.

    I noticed you’re using WordPress … how would you rate it? I’m using Greymatter and was thinking of switching to WordPress as I believe it can import posts directly from Greymatter … know anything about this?

  6. maca,

    I’m a strong advocate of WordPress and I rate it very highly – I originally blogged using Blogger, and used the WordPress script for Blogger imports to import my blogger posts very successfully – I haven’t any experience with Greymatter imports but I don’t have any reason to suspect that it would be any different.

    Check what the WordPress support site has to say about Greymatter here

  7. It’s recommended to upgrade … security reasons. But 1.1 will be out shortly, upgrade then 😉

    WordPress is installed … just have to work on the template… *sigh*

  8. @ Angsuman – I have it disabled currently, thanks.

    @Maca, welcome aboard – let us know what you think of WordPress – esp in comparison to Greymatter. I have never tried Greymatter and I’d be curious!

  9. Tom,

    First impression is that WordPress is meant for those with some experience of working with such applications. Example: trying to edit the templates, a newbie probably wouldn’t know anything about setting permissions on the template files which might cause them some headaches trying to make any changes. Greymatter on the other hand is easy for dummies like me, I think it’s meant for the less technical 🙂

    But still, WordPress looks good. I’m glad I installed it, it’s more comprehensive than GM and looks pretty easy to use. And I like some of the security features it has, which GM did not.

    The template will be a problem though, I just hate doing templates, head wrecking, still … must be done.

    Greymatter is actually a really nice script, it’s very very easy to use and i’ve found it brilliant so far. But it lacks certain features and could do with more active developers working on it.

  10. Maca,

    The Themes is one of the more complex areas of WP right enough – but only because it is aimed more towards people who are not designers (like myself!).

    We can go to the WordPress Theme List, check out the themes listed there, install one we like, and that’s it! No playing around with designs or anything nasty like that!

    The Theme Development section of the Codex is a great resource if you want to do it yourself.

  11. I’m too fussy to use someones elses template.
    So I install something which “sort of” resembles what I want, as a starting point, then start butchering … 🙂

  12. I have had similar problems. I currently use two monitors and have found that playing with window sizes has somehow enabled me to right click and open new windows or tabs. What i can’t seem to figure out is why it happens some of the time, and not always. For whatever reason, the new tabs do not open from my second monitor however the main monitor works with no problems. (I just tested this out, and all it takes is to switch the browser from one to the other; I use UltraMon to manage both monitors)

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