Recruitment company gives RSS feeds for saved searches

I speculated recently in a post on the possible uses of RSS that one

obvious use of saved search RSS feeds is for recruitment companies – jobseekers create their search, subscribe to the RSS feed it generates and get their ideal job delivered to them through their RSS reader!

Now I see that this saved search functionality has been included in the search of recruitment company – a new recruitment site (Indeed was founded in 2004. The site went live in November 2004 and out of beta in March 2005).

According to an interview with co-founder and CEO Paul Forster, indeed has

jobs from over 800 sources – more than any other service. Indeed is adding over 100,000 jobs per day to its index

and interestingly

We are including all the jobs from over 1000 unique sources, comprising the major job boards – Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, Craigslist – as well as hundreds of newspapers, associations, and company websites… We also have a de-duplication process whereby duplicate jobs are collapsed under a single search result, further improving the relevance of the search results.

Now I simply need to add the feed for my ideal job to my rss reader and wait for my ideal job to come to me!

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  1. Receiving new job offers by rss is definitly a great option for staying up to date. I see more and more job boards that follow the example of indeed.

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