Firefox 1.0.5 released

Firefox has been updated to 1.0.5 – the release notes are available here – they are not very comprehensive and basically simply say:

Here’s what’s new in Firefox 1.0.5:

  • Several security fixes.
  • Improvements to stability.

I hope this version is more stable than 1.0.4 – I found 1.0.4 to be a memory and processor hog to the point where I would have to force-quit it around once a week (really annoying when you have several windows open containing many tabs).

2 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0.5 released”

  1. Tom:

    I use the Firefox extension called Session Saver which saves your Firefox session exactly as you left it, even when it crashes. And, if you accidently close a tab, you can restore it and its history, etc. through the pulldown menus. Very handy!

  2. Darren,

    thanks a million for that – I have installed the plug-in now and hopefully I won’t need it (i.e. hopefully this version of Firefox will be more resilient!).


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