Pink Floyd at Live8

I love Pink Floyd and I was in awe when I saw then play together once more at the Live8 concert last weekend.

Now AOL has put up a site where you can see highlights from the Live8 concert – the Floyd songs are:

If you didn’t see them on the night, you’ll want to see them now and if you did see them on the night, then you’ll definitely want another look!


9 thoughts on “Pink Floyd at Live8”

  1. Or maybe you saw them on the night and hope to God you’ll never have to go through that ordeal again.

  2. Absolutely true Bif – and it was remiss of me not to include a link to music more likely to be to the taste of anyone who dislikes Pink Floyd – if you are such a person here is some music, just for you…

  3. Yes, well I know which one I’d prefer to look at but if I got to keep the sound on, I’d try something from here

  4. The original page does not feature download links but only streaming links. Where can I find download links for other excerpts?

    (No, I’m not looking for Mariah but rather for Sting, McCartney, Williams, The Who and U2)

  5. Michael,

    I kinda cheated there(!) – what I did was go to the streaming page, view the source of the page and find the uri for the .mov file – that’s what you will need to do for each track you want to download.



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