Bosses who Blog – How Irish CEOs are using weblogs to boost business

I was buying the Sunday Papers this morning when I spotted the headline “Bosses who … Blog – How Irish CEOs are using weblogs to boost business” on the front cover of the Sunday Business Post‘s Computers in Business section – so obviously, with a strong interest in Business blogging, I bought it.

The article, which is also available online was written by Computers in Business editor Adrian Weckler. It features interviews with Fergus Burns, Ronan Bradley, Eric Newcomer, John Whelan and Tom Murphy.

My initial reaction was one of surprise and disappointment – there was an article about Business blogging and they didn’t interview me? After all, I’m the only Irish blogger to write regularly about business blogging and I’m the only person to have organised an event specifically around business blogging in Ireland.

When I got over my attack of pettiness (!) I quickly realised that this article is great – much of my business these days comes from Internet Strategy consulting and increasingly from helping companies with their corporate blogging tactics. This article has given a massive boost to the awareness of business blogging in the corporate sector and this can only be good for business! Thanks for this timely article Adrian.

By the way, for anyone reading the article, Bob Lutz’ blog is at not at as it says in the article. Also, the article refers to Robert Scoble (Microsoft’s chief blogger) and as previously noted, Robert has very graciously accepted an invitation I extended to him to speak at the IT@Cork Annual Conference on November 30th this year – should be very intereseting.

I see Michele has written about this article as well.

5 thoughts on “Bosses who Blog – How Irish CEOs are using weblogs to boost business”

  1. Hey Michele,

    I shouldn’t be surprised that Adrian didn’t contact me – after all he either 1) has never heard of me and it is hardly Adrian’s fault if I don’t have a high enough profile to have crossed his radar(!) or 2) he has heard of me, read my posts and decided not to try to discuss business blogging with someone who has trouble stringing two words together!

  2. I had assumed a certain element of humour in Tom’s post… but as they say, ‘there’s no typeface for irony’… or sarcasm either it would seem!

  3. If you think you’re not on Adrian Weckler’s radar scope, I suggest you look at the PR reach of IT in Cork because like all mainstream Irish journos, the Computer in Business crew will gain info from the subject headings of press releases.

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