5 thoughts on “Apple releases (Podcasting enabled) iTunes 4.9”

  1. Hi Tom, was just wondering if podfinder played for you? It’s the only problem I have encountered, other than that it’s great.

  2. No Liam – no joy here either!

    Must be 1,000’s of people trying to access it I guess,

    Otherwise, as you say, it is great,



  3. Worst Apple UI ever. The text “PodCast Directory” does nothing when you pass over it, and looks like text rather than a link or button. When you finally figure out that you should just take a chance and click on it, you are brought to some sort of MTV generation site filled with large pictures and small text, with a very short list of titles on one side of links to podcasts and no explanation whatsoever of what any of them are about.

    Is this a beta? Where was the usability warning? I haven’t been so confused by a piece of software since I actually installed iTunes on Windows.

  4. Gotta agree with you Lee – the interface is awful – strange for Apple – one can presume that they are going to release a newer, version with a better UI shortly and that this was rushed out to capture market.

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