Blogging for Business event gets advance press

The Blogging for Business event I am organising for 6p.m. this Thursday (June 9th ’05) in the National Software Centre was mentioned in yesterday’s Sunday Tribune.

This is the first mention of the event I am aware of in the mainstream media.

Joe Bloggs (the psuedonym of the article’s author) said:

we’ll have a spy in the audience

Great, it will be a very interesting evening, I look forward to seeing a write-up of it.

The presentations are as follows:

  • Maura McHugh – Introduction/Overview of the blogging scene
  • Dr. John Breslin – How blog content can be fed to mail clients, news readers, websites using syndication
  • Richard Delevan – Authenticity, Authority and Audacity or how the audience perceives the voice in the blog and finally
  • Tom Raftery – Blogging and Search Engine Optimisation or How a blog can put your site in the Google top 10

Thanks to Bernie for pointing out the write-up.