60+ million blogs worldwide

The Blog Herald‘s Duncan Riley has posted one of the better estimates of the number of blogs worldwide (for May 2005) and he estimates the number of blogs at just over 60 million!

If you think this number is surprising, consider that MSN Spaces, Microsoft’s blogging engine launched just over two months ago, now boasts over 10 million blogs!

Asia Wall Street Journal’s
Jeremy Wagstaff has tree mapped the results and it is interesting to see the breakdown between the ‘Anglosphere’, Asia, and the rest. Asia is catching up fast and as Jeremy notes

Asians are blogging in their own languages in huge numbers, roughly equal to the ‘Anglophone’ world, and yet there’s very little crossover between these groups, or even among them. Worthy of a closer look, methinks.

Strangely, there was no mention in the report of the 300+ Irish blogs!

4 thoughts on “60+ million blogs worldwide”

  1. Just read another post today about how they’re be 53 million blogs at the end of the year, but there are plenty of comments making the valid point about how many of whatever figure you choose to believe are actually updated

  2. To be honest Piaras, I don’t think the actual number is important because it is constantly changing – more important is the trend and the trend is upwards – massively so!

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