Tiger's Mail 2 app causing problems

I have had another issue occur with my Tiger installation.

This time with the Mail app. It is a really weird one. When I click on the New Mail button, the new mail form which opens up allows me to enter the To: address info and subject but not the mail message itself!

There is no way to enter text into the mail!

Even more bizarre, if I select a mail and click Reply, the form which opens up looks exactly like the New Mail form – i.e. there is no information pre-entered, no To info, no Subject info and no way to enter message text.

I’ll update this post if/when I sort this out.

Problem resolved – I fixed this by removing the com.apple.mail.plist file from User -> Library -> Preferences
This solution is not for the faint of heart because this causes you to lose all your account settings. I had eight email accounts set up in Mail and had to make sure I had Usernames, Passwords, incoming and outgoing mail servers for each account before removing the file.

You can access the account passwords using the Keychain Access.app in Applications -> Utilities if you have an administrative password for the Mac. This can save you the trouble of contacting your ISP if you have an issue like this.