5 thoughts on “Firefox running slow on Tiger?”

  1. Sadly it’s not just you, I’m noticing the same thing. Hitting the same site/page in Safari is faster, hitting a different site virtual hosted on the same server is also very fast. Firefox seems to choke on the DNS resolution.

  2. Same here. It takes up to two seconds sometimes. queries at the command-line are just as fast. The funny thing is that this only happens when I’m at home. In the office this does not occur. At home I’m on two Airport Express with WDS enabled.

  3. I am having the same difficulty with Firefox. I the lag time between me typing and it actually appearing in my query field is nearly a minute and it seems to slow down all my other functions.

  4. same here. it’s so frustrating. is tiger purposefully slowing firefox down? what’s happened to apple? first itunes becomes i-bendovertomusiccorportations and now they’re forcing us to use safari as if they’re microsoft/IE or something…

  5. I’m finding the same thing with this slow down. Is this just a ploy by apple to try people to get newer computers? I am and have always been an Apple user but this kind of thing is very frustrating. Things should be getting faster instead of slower.

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