Google Page Rank updated infrequently

Google (and the other major search engines) visits this site at least once a day and index the content.

However, on the 12th of March this year I moved my blog from the old domain ( to this site and this domain.

I put a 301 re-direct on the old site and immediately the new search engines started to visit the new site. It was being returned in search results within four days of the move. I was impressed with the speed with which this occurred.

However, today – a full one and a half months after the move, for the first time, I have received a Page Rank for this domain. At the same time, Google Searches for Links to this domain came up empty until today despite my being linked to by many prominent sites.

So I can only surmise that Google indexes sites on content far more often than it does for PR.

3 thoughts on “Google Page Rank updated infrequently”

  1. You should have set up a 301 redirect no? I got in an awful amount of trouble with Google because someone had a 302 redirect pointing at my site which resulted in my PR being dropped to 0 for a while.

  2. Dave,

    you are absolutely correct – it was a 301 re-direct I set-up. I have corrected it now in the article.

    Well spotted, thanks,


  3. Tom,

    As founder of Isellpagerank I can tell you this is one of the quickest way to get index in the engines, a simple redirect of an established site. Though it won’t pass PR…

    Another way to get indexed quick is the blog and ping method. Basically post a link to your website in your blog and ping it (

    Hope this helps!

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