Caoimhe mentioned a site called backingbertie in her blog today. Bertie Ahern is the Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland and the site is set up to

register a highly visible and damaging protest vote against Bertie Ahern, his style of government, his right-wing leanings, and his lies about the ‘state’ of the country, our health, our safety, our education and our money

I did a bit of digging and found that the domain was registered using the cloaking service of Domains by Proxy. I think this is very low – Bertie is a public figure, if you want to have a go off him, fair enough but at least let him know who is criticising him – why hide behind a cloak of anonymity?

A reverse DNS on the ip address of the site ( resolves to – note the correct spelling of oireachtas and the mis-spelling of bytemark.

If the site owner(s) have named their VM Oireachtas (the Oireachtas is the Irish word for our parliament), you have to wonder who in the Oireachtas is next in their sights!