2 thoughts on “Credit card fraud”

  1. You know I’ve thought about doing something similar (though I am not as artistically talented as Zug) many times. Usually after someone actually scrutinizes my signature. That being said no one has ever challenged me. Which either means I am pretty consistent with my signature or the scrutinization is just a facade.

    On a similar vain my girlfriend (who is in her 30’s) uses her mother’s Banana Republic’s Credit Card. What’s striking is the magnetic strip is worn out and they always ask her for a picture ID and she always gives them the same story about not having her license. In all cases that I’ve been with her (3) the cashiers have relented. The first time I saw this I was amazed. Now it just is an annoyance (both the time and knowing that they aren’t going to do anything). What’s funny is the last time she did this she really didn’t have her license but it wouldn’t have helped anyways.

    I found the article and the above funny on the surface but it is frightening if you think about it for any amount of time. Pass me a Beamish Tom and my worries will melt away.

  2. I too have witnessed this many times before, usually my brother signing his girlfriends slips when he had her card by accident.

    I would have hoped credit card companies and shops were tallying up faked slips with the operator ID on the receipt and coming down hard on people.

    After all, what real incentive is there for a bored and unmotivated shop assistant to bother with the hassle of confronting you if the slip doesnt match the card. Unless of course, you are buying 3 HDTVs when I imagine the boss would come down very hard on the cashier if they’d let that one get through!

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